Book Week Was A Great Success!

At the end of October we had a fantastic time celebrating Book Week across the school. The illustrator Thomas Docherty visited KS1 and reception to share some of his stories and to pass on his passion for drawing. The children were fascinated to watch him creating characters from scratch and loved creating their own characters based around ‘The Snatchabook’.

KS2 were lucky enough to have a visit from the author, editor and producer Cavan Scott who has written novels, audio dramas, short stories and comic strips for such popular series as Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Blake’s 7. He ran some inspirational workshops on writing radio dramas and creating fantastical monsters; the children were really inspired and loved hearing about how some of their favourite dramas are developed.

On Friday we held our very own Gromit-inspired St Peter’s ‘Book Hunt’; photos of staff and the favourite books were hidden around the school and families were challenged to find as many as they could before the start of the day. It was harder than it sounds! Well done to everyone that took part, especially to those who managed to find all 38.
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