Curriculum Overview

We are proud to offer children at St Peter’s an innovative, exciting and rigorous curriculum which enables every child to excel . It equips them not only with the skills in English and maths that they need but allows them to build up knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live, past, present and future, through broad and balanced learning opportunities across all subject areas.  We have redesigned our curriculum in accordance to the Primary Curriculum 2014 but also ensured that is also special to our pupils. Our curriculum gives wonderful chances for all children to be engaged and self motivated, learning both within and beyond the classroom, with others and independently.


Our curriculum meets the specific needs of the children here at St Peter’s and the community in which they live.  Based around  concepts and topics in order to give relevance and meaning to objectives from individual subject areas, our children are able to make links between different areas of learning and practice  and apply skills in different settings.  Learning always includes first hand experiences, often in the local community and beyond. There are also opportunities for parents to be involved in children’s learning.


Our Church of England ethos is a special and distinctive feature of the St Peter’s curriculum. Each year group has specific values that underpin their learning for that term and links to their class worship.


Based firmly in the latest research our curriculum incorporates the latest innovations and pedagogy. We work with other schools and advisors from within and beyond our local authority to ensure we have a world-class curriculum.


'Legacy Learning', in each year group, is a special project which gives children the opportunity to make a difference to the world in which they live. This might be through a community or international context. Our curriculum equips children not only for their future learning but it enables each of them to enter the world with a sense of hopefulness and understanding of the contribution that they can make. 

Please see our Year Group pages for further details about our curriculum.