Local Governing Body



Sharon Roberts               Headteacher

Janine Ashman               Co-opted Governor (Leadership)

Rachel Mackintosh          Co-opted Governor                                 Chair of Full Governing Body

Ben Hughes                     Parent Governor                                    Chair Resources Committee

Darren Partridge              Parent Governor

Jim Christopherson          Foundation Governor                             Safeguarding Governor                    

Patricia Oakley                 Foundation Governor                             Vice Chair of Governing Body

Tim Eustace                     Co-opted Governor (Teaching Staff)

Gill Bridge                        Co-opted Governor

Jo Birkenhead                  Staff Governor

Christine Judson Revd     Foundation Governor  

Paul Davis                        Parent Governor                                      Chair SCA Committee



Clerk to Governors:

Niki    Matyjasik                nicholamatyjasik@sppschool.uk

You can contact the Chair of Governors via our clerk or by contacting the Welcome Desk.

Resources                                                                    Standards, Curriculum and Admissions

Rachel Mackintosh                                                        Rachel Mackintosh

Ben Hughes                                                                   Paul Davis                                                               

Patricia Oakley                                                              Jim Christopherson

Tim Eustace                                                                  Gill Bridge

Darren Partridge                                                           Christine Judson Revd

Sharon Roberts                                                             Janine Ashman

                                                                                      Sharon Roberts

                                                                                      Jo Birkenhead

Local Governing Body Profiles


JANINE ASHMAN, Co-opted Governor (Leadership Team)

I have been lucky enough to work at St Peter’s for 6 years now, having worked in a range of primary and middle schools before.  It is a real privilege to work with such fantastic children, families and staff.  St Peter’s is always developing and changing but it is important that we keep our distinctive ethos and values at the centre of all we do. I live just around the corner from school and both of our children attended St Peter’s – our son has just moved up to Gordano.  Our daughter only has a couple more years here and we shall be sad when she leaves and we stop being St Peter’s parents.

  • Member of SCA Committee
  • 2014/15 attendance 6/6 FBG meetings & 6/6 Standards & Curriculum meetings

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • Lee Ashman Carpentry
  • Promotional Peaks / Supplied Printed T-Shirts for Chair of LGB


JIM CHRISTOPHERSON, Foundation/Safeguarding Governor

Hi, my name is Jim Christopherson. I have been a Foundation Governor since 2014. I worship at St. Nicholas Church. I spent most of my career as a Lecturer in Social Work at Nottingham University, focussing on child protection.   I am now Safeguarding Governor and Chair of the Staffing Committee. My wife Audrey and I have two sons, both doctors, and five grandchildren. I am secretary of the Youth Centre and Portishead Rotary Club.



  • Foundation Governor until 2018
  • Safeguarding Governor
  • Member SCA Committee
  • Governor attendance 2014-15: 6/6 full Governing Body Meetings, 6/6 Staffing Committee meetings

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • Portishead Youth Centre Company Secretary


TIM EUSTACE, Co-opted Governor - Staff

I originally joined St Peter's as a PGCE student and was lucky enough to have a placement in a wonderful year 1 class back in 2014. I knew immediately that this was an amazing school and I was lucky enough to be offered a permanent position for the following summer once I had completed my training. Having taken my first class through year 5, I am now teaching them in year 6. I became a co-opted staff governor in 2015 and have enjoyed helping the school through its ever-changing journey. In my spare time I am a keen footballer and play for a local Saturday league team. When not teaching you'll probably find me cheering either playing or cheering on Spurs.

  • Resources Committee

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • None


BEN HUGHES, Parent Governor

Hi, my name is Ben; I become a parent governor at St Peters school in February 2016.

I am currently a finance manager for a telecommunications company and I believe my commercial experience in finance, business planning and analysis will be of great benefit to the school. I also hold a degree in applied economics. I see the current ethos, vision, plans and values as critical elements to the continued success of St Peters. As a parent, I am keen to ensure these continue as they can only have a positive impact on the children’s futures.  Outside of work I am married to Claire and we have two children.

  • Parent governor since February 2016
  • Chair of Resources Committee since October 2016
  • Governor attendance 2014/15: 3/3 FGB, 3/3 Asset Management committee meetings

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • None


CHRISTINE JUDSON Rev, Foundation Governor

As a Team Vicar in Portishead I have been involved with St Peter’s School since 2010. Prior to that I served for 3 years as a Foundation Governor for a school in my curacy Parish of Highbridge, Somerset. Although my own teaching experience has been with secondary aged children (17 years teaching Physics, Science, Maths), I enjoy leading School, Class and Staff Worship, am stimulated by interactions with individuals and have been deeply impressed with what I have seen of St. Peter’s School. Bassoon, mandolin, piano & guitar are my musical instruments of choice and penguins rule the roost when it comes to the animal kingdom!

  • Standards, Curriculum & Admissions Committee

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • None



PATRICIA OAKLEY, Foundation Governor

I am a retired Primary Headteacher and Ofsted Inspector (Early Years and Quality Assurance), Visiting Tutor for Teacher Training at Reading University and University of West Of England, and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Assessor.  I have an MA in Educational Management.  I was previously a Local Authority governor at St Peters on the Asset management committee. Sep 2010 to  31 August 2014.  I Enjoy music and the theatre, I volunteer for the National Trust and other organisations as a Costumed Interpreter. I am also interested in the history of lacemaking, embroidery and costume as well as gardening

  • Foundation Governor January 2015 to 2019
  • Appointed by PCC
  • Vice chair of Governing Body
  • Member of:  Resources & Pay Committee

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • None



My name is Sharon Roberts and I have been the Headteacher at St Peters school for 10 years.  Previously I have worked in other schools in the Bristol area.  I love working at St Peter’s and am very proud of all of our children and their achievements. Outside of school I have two grown up children and am enjoying seeing them develop exciting careers.  In my spare time I love walking, visiting the gym and attending weekly art classes.

  • Position on Governing Body linked to role in school
  • Attends all committees and full governing body meetings
  • Governor attendance 2014-15: 6/6 full Governing Body meetings; 6/6 Staffing and Community meetings, 6/6 Asset management meetings, 3/6 Standards and Curriculum meetings

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • None




I have been a Parent Governor of St Peters School since November 2015. I have been a Governor of a school before, however it was almost 15 years ago, it is a steep learning curve I am on. I hold a BSc Degree in Geography & Economics, and an MSc in Multi Site Strategy and Leadership. I work for Marstons as an Area Operations Manager

I am married with two daughters, my family take up most of my spare time although I am a big Bristol Rugby fan and can be found shivering in my seat most weekends.

  • Resources Committee with special interests in budgets and financial management

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • Area Operations Manager for Marstons PLC
  • Company Director of Jubilee Court (Golbourne) RTM Company Ltd
  • Retail/Hospitality Consultant for Partridge Business Services
  • Consultant/Auditor for Partridge Property Services
  • Retail Consultant for Hilco International



PAUL DAVIS, Parent Governor

I grew up in Portishead and then worked and travelled in Australia and the Middle East. I have bee a teacher in Bristol and Worle for the last 11 years. My two children have both been through St Peters from Reception: My Daughter is now in Year 8 at Gordano and my Son is in Year 6. Their experience of school here has been a very positive one and as a teacher I have learnt much from the way that this school continues to develop and improve its teaching provision.

  • Chair SCA Committee
  • Parent Governor Since 2016

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • Company Director of Your Business Development Team


RACHEL MACKINTOSH, Co-opted Governor

I am a parent with two children at St Peter’s. I currently work for Weston College with experience of project management, compliance and governance with a background in law




  • Co-opted governor until 31/01/2020
  • Chair of Governors
  • Governor attendance 2014-15: 6/6 full Governing Body meetings; 1/1 Standards and Curriculum meeting

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • Inspirational Futures Trust (Employee/Clerk)


GILL BRIDGE, Co-opted Governor

I am a marketing and communications specialist with several years’ experience gained in the UK and internationally; currently working for the West of England Councils promoting sustainable travel alternatives to car journeys.

I became a co-opted Governor in November 2015, and am a member of the Staffing and Community Committee.

l have lived in Portishead for 6 years, and is a Guider with the 2nd Portishead Guides.


  • SCA Committee

Pecuniary/Business Interests: -

  • None