What to do if you have a concern

Valuing Others, Valuing Ourselves, Valuing Our Learning


Part of our vision for St Peter's is that "We will always aim to nurture relations that are based on trust and respect and value everyone's contribution.  We actively seek to work in partnership with parents and carers".


Everyone wants to ensure that each chld is happy and successful in school and we will want to work with you to ensure this.  It is really important that you let us know if you are concerned about your child or our provision.  In order to make sure that we can respond to concerns it is important that you talk to the right person.


In the first instance it is always best to discuss concerns with your child's class teacher.  The classteacher will always know your child well and will usually be able to help to solve most problems or concerns.  We hold Parents' Evenings each term but if there is something that you feel we should know before  more urgently then do make an appointment to talk with the teacher or ask if the teacher could phone you.  Teachers are very busy settling classes at the beginning of each day - so appointments or phone calls at the end of the day are best.


If, once you have spoken with the classteacher, you still have concerns then it is best to talk with the appropriate Phase Leader.  Phase Leaders have overall responsibility for learning and behaviour for particular year groups within the school.   Our Phase Leaders are:


Foundation Stage       Kelly Nash

Key Stage One           Catrin Battista

Year 3/4                      Janine Ashman

Year 5/6                      Jemima Napier


If there are still concerns then please make an appointment to talk with either our Assistant Head Mrs Battista, our  Deputy Headteacher Mrs Janine Ashman or our Headteacher Mrs Sharon Roberts.


Further information about concerns can be found in the following policy link to the Lighthouse Schools Partnership (all schools in the Multi-Academy Trust share the same Complaints Policy)