Eco Team

A big hello from our eco team and a big thank you to everyone who supports us in our mission:

- we want to raise awareness about how we can be more eco friendly as individuals, as part of the St Peter's community and as a global citizen

- we want to increase knowledge and education about the impact we have on our environment and what we can do to help and what small changes we can make to be more eco conscious  

- we want to improve our environment for our St Peter's community for everyone to enjoy.


On our eco team webpage, you will be able to meet our team, learn about what we do and find out about our projects. Look out for our newsletters too which will give you our news and updates.


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Meet the Eco Team


Eco leaders

Our eco leaders are elected for each class from Year 1 to Year 6 by their peers. They meet together each term to discuss our mission and how they are going to help. Each leader promotes our projects by sharing them with their class, encouraging their class to take part in the projects (whether that be to recycle more or create less waste) and sharing information with the wider community (using the webpage, newsletter and their own posters).


Eco club

Our after school eco club supports our eco team with their projects as well as providing an opportunity to learn about our environment and the impact we have on it. Eco club help with our gardens and wild area in the grounds of the school, learning about planting and growing over the year.


Eco community

We encourage everyone in our St Peter's community to support our mission and do their small part in helping us make a difference. Whether you are a pupil, a member of staff, a governor, a member of our PSA, a parent or guardian, you are all important to our eco team mission and we appreciate all of your support. 


Excellence in our service with others

We are very lucky to be able to support Turn the Tide Portishead and the work that they do. We actively promote the work they do and Year 1 focus their learning legacy project on their projects. We currently support their crisp packet recycling scheme and stationery recycling project which you can find out more about below.

Our Projects and News

Crisp packet recycling project

We are working with Turn the Tide Portishead and the Terracycle Scheme to recycle crisp packets. The collection box is in the Harbour Hall for all crisp packets. Due to the Terracyle Scheme, the crisp packets are recycled so that they don't end up in land fill and don't an impact on our environment. The money raised by Terracycle Scheme is then used to support a project in Uganda through a local school link in Bristol.


Stationery recycling project

Another project with Turn the Tide Portishead is our collection of stationery like used pens and felt tips. The plastic is recycled through the Terracycle Scheme to make playground equipment and the money raised is used to support a local school in Bristol. Conductive Education develops the motor, cognitive and social skills of individuals with motor disorders. So far the Terracycle Scheme for crisp packets in Portishead, with the help of Turn the Tide volunteers, has meant that the children have had a visit from a donkey and a forest school experience so far.


Paper recycling

Every classroom has a paper recycling bin. Our eco leaders encourage everyone to use both sides of a piece of paper before putting in the recycling bin. We have help from our site team who collect the recycling from each classroom and take it to the recycling collection.


Thank you to everyone who supports our projects as every little bit you do, adds up to make a big difference.