Keeping your Child Safe On–Line

E-safety is an integral part of ICT and school life at St Peter’s.  Throughout the curriculum we work to ensure that children understand how to keep safe when using modern technology. Younger members of school also bring home Hector the Dolphin to share ways of keeping safe with their parents and carers.


If you have any concerns about a child's safety please contact Janine Ashman.

There are very useful resources to help you protect your child at:
 BBC – Cyberbullying advice
CEOP- Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Digizen – positive digital citizen resources on social networking and cyberbullying
Facebook advice for parents
Mobile Phones
Block em app for android/blackberry mobile phones
We would also like to draw you attention to the legal age limits for the following social network sites.

  • Facebook             13 and over
  • Kik                        17 and over
  • Ask F                   13 and over
  • Snapchat             13 and over.
If we experience concerns around a child’s use of any of these sites we may decide to report this to the provider and ask for the account to be closed down or, in serious cases, refer situations to the police.  We are concerned about the time it can take teachers to sort out thing s that happened on the internet outside school hours.  This takes away from important learning time – so please support us by teaching safe habits to your children.
During the INSET we were presented with some simple rules around cyber-bullying and would also like to share these with you.

Do not respond
Block the bully
Save the evidence and print bullying messages
Talk to a friend
Do not wait – Report it!