Advance notice of INSET Days

Advance notice of INSET days

 Our INSET days for next year are:

  • Wednesday 2nd  - Reflection, Staff meeting,  Excellence and class set up time.
  • Friday 23rd October  - Maths  Part 1 and Safeguarding.
  • Monday 2nd November - Excellence as Standard – developing Mastery.
  • Monday 4th January - Maths Part 2
  • Wednesday 16th March - Dylan Williams Cluster INSET at St Peter’s.  NB: THIS IS A MIDWEEK INSET


Fit for Sport will be providing childcare during these INSET days – in you wish to take advantage of this service, please look out for details.    Don’t forget to book into their summer camp here for the last part of the summer holidays too. Please telephone 0845 456 3233 or book online at