We all know that regular attendance at school is very important and we monitor this on a termly basis. We aim for all children to maintain a high level of attendance of at least 96%. Our current school attendance is 96.7%


All schools in the Lighthouse Schools Partnership have recently started to work with Somerset Council Education Welfare Service to support us with all attendance matters. A number of positive changes have been introduced as a result of this which means we are now having a much more stringent approach to attendance matters which will be shared across all LSP schools in Portishead. Changes include:


  • A new Lighthouse Schools Partnership attendance policy will be introduced shortly – there will be changes from our current policy and we will share this with you as soon as it has been approved.
  • A higher level of support for children and their families who need help with improving attendance.
  • A set of standard letters to inform parents of children’s current attendance levels in order to support improvements.

Our new full time Learning Mentor, Mr Payne will now be supporting us with attendance. After half term he will write to all parents whose children’s current attendance is 90% or below. I would like to stress that this is part of our new procedures and the letter is the standard one provided by our Education Welfare Service. We realise there are a wide range of very genuine reasons children may be absent from school and this letter is to inform you of their current attendance and offer any support, if needed.

All parents will be informed of children’s attendance on the mid year reports. If you do need any support with attendance, please contact Mr Payne.