Class Reward Charts

Class Chart Behaviour Records

Last term we moved to an electronic system to record our behavior, rewards and sanctions. This has proved to be really successful both in terms of motivating pupils and providing us with a clear record of behaviour in school to analyse and act upon. This will allow us to be much more effective in supporting behavioural needs of our pupils.


We are always proud of our children’s behaviour at St Peter’s and are delighted to be able to share this with you via the following diagram which clearly shows how much great behaviour (green) is being seen and  rewarded in school.


Our next step is to set up parent accounts on the system so that you can log on to see the positive rewards that your children have received. It will also mean you should get automatic notifications of when your child achieves milestone merits or receives a Headteacher merit. As the system develops we can become more interactive with it. We will do this in a staggered approach over the following weeks with the aim that all parents will have access to their account by the end of this term. Please do look out for letter about this.