Governors in school

Governors in school

It was good to be able to welcome our governors into school for the day last Friday.  This was an excellent opportunity for them to see the school in action and to get a real sense of the quality of what we do.  Gill Bridge, one of our governors has written a report about the day:

School Governor’s Visit

Friday 17th March

As part of our aim to become more closely involved in school life, the Governing Body spent a whole day in school last week to gain a better perspective both through first hand observation, and by chatting with parents, pupils and staff.

The day started in the playground at 8.30a.m, where we observed over 1000 people arriving on site, and the smooth and efficient process of getting the children to their classrooms for a prompt start. The first part of the day involved visiting all of the year group classrooms, where we saw the new mathematics teaching in practice at all stages. It was impressive to see how much the children were enjoying the lessons which were being taught through a variety of ways


including working problems out with learning partners, and peer group mentoring. We saw evidence that all abilities were well catered for, with those grasping concepts more quickly being set bigger challenges, and teaching assistance provided to coach those requiring more help.

After a morning of maths, we joined the children for morning assembly to celebrate their week’s achievements, and were pleased to have an opportunity to present their merit certificates.

One of the things we were keen to learn about is how the children feel about St. Peter’s so we appreciated the opportunity to have group discussions with some children from different year groups. They were all very articulate and enthusiastic about the way they are taught and the resources available in school, and were very aware of expected behaviours and the ethos of the school.

In the afternoon we had a further group discussion with some Year 5 and 6 children about the new marking system which they were clearly fans of, and emphatically felt they were getting clearer guidance on areas to focus on to improve.

After a presentation by the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Co-ordinator to gain a greater understanding of their role and work within school; we were “fired up” by the passion and energy demonstrated by our newly and recently qualified teaching staff.


The day ended with reflection on some of the observations we had made, and discussions on how this experience will enhance and contribute to our effectiveness as School Governors.

We’d like to express our thanks to the Head Teacher and Leadership team in arranging a most inspiring day, and we intend to make this a regular event in our role as Governors. It was not “stage managed” in any way  … we saw a typical day in school, and extend our thanks to all of the staff who create such a stimulating and happy environment for the children, and make St. Peter’s a community you are proud to be part of.

 And last but not least, thanks to all of the children we met, for their honesty and enthusiasm and allowing us to join in their day.

                                                                        Gill Bridge