St Peter's becomes a Teaching School

St Peter’s Primary School in Portishead is proud to announce their new status as a Teaching School. 

Head Teacher, Sharon Roberts, commented,

“Our new Teaching School status is a celebration and recognition of everything that we do as a school community. St Peter’s has demonstrated high quality standards of practice against every area within the school, and we are excited to start sharing this best practice within the wider teaching community.”

In order to become a Teaching School, certain criteria must be met, and over the past few years St Peter’s School has been consistent in demonstrating an environment of excellence for both staff and children. The commitment of staff towards continuous improvement has always been part of St Peter’s ethos.

St Peter’s School, a member of the Lighthouse Schools Partnership, is committed to sharing best practice within a broader sphere and is looking forward to opening its doors to other schools, training new teachers and providing support for other schools over the coming years.