St Peter's welcomes Shanghai Teachers

You will know that for the last two weeks we have had two Chinese Maths teachers working at St Peter’s. This was their visit here after Miss Napier visited their schools in Shanghai in November. The exchange is a DFE funded project to support the development of the teaching of mathematics. Mrs Bai taught in Dragonfly class and Mrs Cheng taught in Dandelion class. Both teachers were highly skilled mathematicians and teach similar age groups in Shanghai. There are many differences between the two educational systems but over the course of the two weeks we discovered how much we had in common, became friends and also learnt much from having the opportunity to watch Mrs Bai and Mrs Cheng teach.

Part of the purpose of the exchange is to give as many teachers in the UK the opportunity to observe the expertise of teachers from Shanghai and so this week we have held 4 Showcase events. We have welcomed over 400 teachers to watch the teachers teach either Dragonfly or Dandelion class in the Pier hall. We have been so impressed with the way in which our children have risen to the challenge of having up to 120 adults watching them in a lesson. You can read some of the children’s comments about the experience below.

Meeting with people from another culture and learning together enriches everyone involved and in our farewell assembly yesterday there was a very real sense of loss that the exchange had come to an end. One of the children thanked the teachers and then said he “would remember them for a very long time”. It is lovely to know that we now have real friends in China.

The children in Dandelion Class have reflected on their amazing experience. Here are some of their thoughts…

Amelia "Mrs Cheng is a really good maths teacher and I enjoyed it"

Ella "Some of the questions were hard but they did help me to learn."

Ruby "I thought it was quite difficult understanding the language but I thought they were amazing at teaching."

Niamh "I liked it when Mrs Cheng let us come up to the front to explain our learning - and we got stickers!"

Maisie "I really enjoyed every lesson."

Jess "I found it interesting that they used ticks and crosses for finger voting when we do numbers"

Holly "I liked being filmed because it was fun"

Isla "I liked it how we didn't go rushing through our work but we did things a bit at a time. It helped us to learn."

Dragonfly Class have written a short report on their experience:

We were really lucky to have Miss Bai and Mrs Cheng from Shanghai. They taught us mixed addition and subtraction and they made it really fun. They were really friendly and helped us to grow our brains a lot. We wish they could have stayed at our school forever!