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Ofsted Reports

Following a graded inspection by the education watchdog Ofsted, in February 2023, our school was judged to be ‘outstanding’ in all areas. This is a testimony to the hard work of the whole St Peter’s team and an unrelenting approach to developing a broad and engaging curriculum that is underpinned by our vision and culture of excellence. All stakeholders have worked tirelessly to ensure that we bring this vision to life and enable every pupil to flourish and give their best. I would like to thank our staff, governors, families, the LSP and, above all, the children for truly shining as exceptional St Peter’s citizens and being so integral in the creation and sustaining of such a special school community. 

The report from the inspection celebrates many strengths.

Pupils thrive at this highly inclusive and welcoming school. They fully understand what it means to be a ‘St Peter’s Citizen’. Pupils say that this helps them feel part of a community where everyone gives their best and sets a positive example to others.

You will see, in our report that inspectors make reference to ‘polite and well-mannered’ pupils. Feedback during the visit elaborated on this with high praise for the way in which children welcomed visitors in a friendly and genuine manner. Pupils were questioned on many areas of school life and spoke with enthusiasm and honesty, clearly expressing their thoughts and opinions with confidence. We are always proud of the children at St Peter’s, and it is wonderful that they have received this well-deserved recognition, and praise, from His Majesty’s Inspectors.

Pupils display exemplary attitudes towards their learning. They are polite and well-mannered... The environment in classrooms and around the school is calm and purposeful.

We were also delighted that Ofsted commented on the outstanding quality of teaching and learning, and the expertise of our skilled and dedicated staff. We know that investing in our staff through high quality CPD has the biggest impact on outcomes for all pupils and have also prioritised this at St Peter's. We were pleased that the team recognised the strength and quality offered by our teachers and support staff. 

Leaders, with the support of the trust, have put in place a highly effective development programme for all staff. They are relentless in the way in which they work with external experts to refine the school’s work. Teachers benefit from this. They have strong subject knowledge. 

Staff, including those who are new to teaching, are proud to work at the school and value its team spirit. They appreciate how leaders consider their workload and support their development.