The PSA brings staff, parents and friends of the school together through a variety of fun social activities and events in support of the school.


We are fortunate at St Peter's Primary School to have a parent school organisation that is an integral part of the school community. Each year the PSA raises thousands of pounds that are spent on equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education experience and the school’s facilities.


The PSA is entirely voluntary and relies on support from all parents to make our events, and therefore our fundraising, a success.


Regular meetings are held to plan the fabulous events and dates for these can be found in the calendar or on the weekly school newsletter.


The PSA Committee


Each year group has a parent PSA Year Reps who will attend PSA meetings and will liaise with the other parents over up-and-coming events, but everyone is welcome to the PSA meetings.


The PSA always welcomes new Committee members, helpers and volunteers to get involved to support our school. Everyone has something to offer… If you would like to join in with PSA events and activities, please contact your Year Rep or come along to the next PSA meeting.


How can I join the PSA?


By being a parent of a child at St Peter's Primary School, you’re already a member of the PSA! But what we usually mean by “joining the PSA” is becoming an active member, who regularly attends PSA meetings, is on the circulation list for minutes and agendas, and plays an active role in discussing event planning and how to support the school. Joining is easy – just drop an email to Sam at


When are PSA meetings held?

We try to hold a meeting every half term (so, every 2 months or so). They are not always on the same day, which gives those with regular commitments a chance to attend. They tend to be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, at around 7.00pm, at The Albion.


The first meeting of the new school year will be held in September 2019 – everyone’s welcome to attend, but your Class Reps are there on your behalf, so you can talk to them if you want to raise anything and can’t be there.


What sort of things get discussed at the PSA meetings?

We discuss the events that have happened since the last meeting – what did we learn, how much money did we make etc. We talk about forthcoming events – the status, who’s on the subcommittee for that event, who’s doing what etc. We review any funding requests from the school.


We also discuss big-ticket projects that the school would like to do – such as playground equipment, iPads or the library, and how the PSA might be involved with such a project.


How else can I help the PSA?


Teachers have often said that they’ve not worked at a school with so much support from parents! We’re understandably proud of how much help parents give to teachers, the PSA, at events and in the classroom. Foundation Class, particularly, offers many different ways to support the children, including but not limited to:

  • Your time! Spending a few hours a term helping with the planning of events, on the day or clean up. We always need more volunteers! This can include but isn't limited to – selling sweets, marshalling runners, putting up decorations, designing leaflets. Every event has a tonne of small jobs that need doing, and we can’t run them without your help!
  • Your stuff! Donating unwanted items - we usually ask for the Christmas and Summer Fair 
  • Free money! Check with your employer, they may be registered for Match Funding.


I work full-time – will this affect my ability to support the school?

It depends what you’d like to do. Some parents are not able to commit to regular help, but join a subcommittee for one of the fundraising events. That way they can support a small team with a few evening meetings, email conversations, particular tasks and then help on the day.

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