Scientific and Technological Understanding

Albert Einstein said "The important thing is to never stop questioning." At St Peter's we encourage our children to constantly question and think like Scientists. 

Children tackle problems, forming questions, generating and testing ideas and designs and deciding how to seek solutions.  They gather and make sense of evidence, test out hypotheses and evaluate processes and outcomes.  They learn the possibilities of science, design and technology, inspiring them to become the scientists, engineers, designers and innovators of the future and how to be informed citizens responsive to the needs of others and the world in which they live.

We love Science!!!


Every Year the children take part in a Science Family day. Last year we had lots of fun designing cars for Hedgehogs. 

The winning two teams were taken to a competition against other schools in the South West.

Our KS1 team won a trophy for having the quickest car.

We even appeared on BBC spring watch 


Look out for next year's challenge smiley

Science at St Peter's