English, communication and languages lie at the heart of our capacity to imagine, think and create and make a crucial contribution to children's development as successful learners.  Their developing use of language underpins children's achievement across the curriculum and lays the foundations for active involvement in cultural life, society, work and lifelong learning.

English is a major world language and its secure and confident use opens up many possiblities.  Learning and using languages enables children to engage with different cultures and societies and further develops their understanding of how languages work.

Literature in English is rich, varied and influential.  It helps children to develop their imagination, see the world through the eyes of others and read and write for pleasure.

Children learn to communicate effectively in a range of media.  They become increasingly fluent and accurate in expressing their thoughts and emotions, orally and in writing.  They become more skilled in generating ideas, solving problems and thinking critically and creatively.

Creating and responding to all kinds of texts, including those which combine words, images and sounds, offers access to the world of knowledge and imagination and generates lasting enthusiasm and enjoyment. 

Please see below for an introduction to our reading policy and our phonics policy. 

Phonics Scheme

At St Peter's we use Letters and Sounds as the basis for the planning of our high quality, systematic phonics programme. The Jolly Phonics scheme is also integrated into our foundation stage programme and a multi-sensory approach is used when introducing each new sound. 

Reading Scheme

At St Peter's we promote a 'phonics first' approach to reading and we use the 'Phonics Bug' reading scheme. These books are used for guided and independent reading and enable children to practise and apply the phonic knowledge that they have learnt. 


Once a child has sufficient mastery of phonics and sight vocabulary, they will then move on to our coloured book band scheme. 

Reading Scheme Progression