Year 1

Welcome To Year 1!
Beetle, Caterpillar and Firefly Classes.

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Happy Easter Year One!


Click the link to watch a message from all the teachers. 


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School Closures – Learning at Home

We have carefully selected learning at home for your child during this uncertain time. We greatly appreciate your continued support as we work together to provide learning at home.


Reading home learning

We always encourage all children to read at home and we know many of you have many lovely books to read. In order for your child to continue being able to read book banded reading books selected at their level of reading ability, your child now has an account with Bug Club where they have been allocated reading books based on their book band. They have 2 books to read in ‘My Stuff’ and then after completing all of the activities based on the books, they will receive 2 more books. Books read and completed will then go into ‘My Library’ to read. Please use our pupil guide below to help you navigate Bug Club.

We would expect your child to complete 2 books each week and there is a limited number of books within each book band to complete.

We recommend that the first reading will focus on decoding, the second reading will focus on comprehension and completing the activities and the third reading will focus on prosody (intonation, pitch and expression).


Week 1 Reading Reflections

Well done to all the children who have logged onto Bug Club this week and have read some online books. We can see how well you are doing on your reading and your quizzes, there are some great scores!

Remember, expert readers take time re-reading for fluency, expression and understanding. Keep up the fantastic work!


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Writing home learning

To support your child with writing, we would like them to use a picture as a stimulus for writing. There will be a picture for each day and examples of how they can use this to create some sentences or even write a story for a Star Challenge. We have included a Grapheme Mat and a Common Exception Word Mat that the children use in the classroom to check their sounds and their spellings.


Each week there will be a new pair of letters from a letter family to practise, with words that contain each letter. You can either print and do them on the sheet or children can write them into their exercise books. We are going to start with the ‘Curly Caterpillar’ letter family. All these letters start with a curve to the left (anticlockwise).

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Each week there will be new phonics practice uploaded. There are phase 3 and 5 flashcards and common exception words to practise reading 3-5 times a week. There will also be tasks for the children to practise their sounds in the context of reading and spelling words and sentences.

Don’t forget to log on to 'Phonics Play' and have fun with the online games. At this point in Year 1, the children need to practise their mastery of Phase 5a sounds so select that level of your chosen games. We have begun to learn alternative sounds from Phase 5b so they may like the challenge of some Phase 5b games too. Here is the link to the Phase 5 games on the children's area of the site:

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Mrs Wordsmith home learning

Each week, we will upload a set of Mrs Wordsmith words. The task will be new words that we haven’t covered yet. If the children would like a star challenge, they could think of a sentence to write about the word. I wonder how many opportunities you can find each day to practise saying their new words? E.g. I was disappointed when it was time to tidy away my toys… or… I will moisturise my skin after I have had a shower!

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Spellings home learning

We will be revising the spellings we have covered so far this year (which you can find in the documents below) and each week we will set a task on Friday to learn the new set of spellings. You could also revisit the National Curriculum common exception words, which we have also attached.



Maths Tasks

We know that working on knowledge learned some time ago improves long-term memory. For each week of closure, year groups will upload 5 independent tasks taken from different units across this academic year. We will also add the 'star challenges' relating to the tasks. These are intended to take children deeper into the learning objective. There is not an expectation that all children complete the star challenges but they may surprise themselves with what they can do!


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Maths Investigations - Nrich

We will also add an additional (brand new) challenge each week from the fantastic Nrich maths site. If you want even more maths, there are ‘open’ problems to solve each week where you can submit your own solutions online:



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Numbots is a fantastic maths platform created by the Times Tables Rockstars team. Children have their own avatar and earn coins to ‘upgrade’ this by playing games that develop their number sense, addition and subtraction. There is no ability for children to contact anyone else whilst using the platform.

Letters came home on Friday 20th giving children their login details. Alternatively, we sent individual logins via Parentmail to children who were absent. Numbots can be accessed on any computer/laptop and via the free app on tablets and phones.

We would like children to play on ‘Story Mode’ for 3 minutes 4-5 times per week.

They will need adult support to get started but then should be fine on their own.

Story Mode

  • The emphasis is on mathematical concepts and matches our ‘mastery’ approach to teaching
  • It has visual representations, variation and exposure to different calculation strategies and these are in a carefully sequenced order
  • All children will begin with ‘Rust’ level 1 which focuses on subitising (‘seeing’ how many as opposed to counting for small numbers)
  • To get to the next level, children need to earn two stars by answering accurately


Challenge Mode

  • No requirement for children to do this (although we think lots will really enjoy it!)
  • Unlocked once they get partway through the ‘Tin’ stage on Story Mode
  • The emphasis is on rapid responses to essential facts and simple calculations
  • To unlock the next challenge, children must correctly answer 12 questions in 1 minute
  • For Year 1 children, please choose from challenges 1-10.

History home learning

Over the next few weeks, we are going to continue our journey as historians as we find out more about the life of Mary Anning the famous palaeontologist. Look out each week for your new exciting task! Remember that expert historians use their skills of observing, describing, sequencing and asking and answering questions. We hope you enjoy your journey back in time!

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Excellence in our service with others

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Our value this term is JOY!

Each week we will set a new challenge of how we can spread joy through our service to others. I think you will be surprised how much you can do from the comfort of your own home. Come on Year 1s, let’s put a smile on some faces!

Week 1 Challenge

Make a card, draw a picture or write a postcard for a member of your family or a friend and either post it or send it via technology to bring them joy.

Week 2 Challenge

Draw or paint a rainbow or a happy picture and put it in your window to spread joy to the people outside. You could even write a joyful message next to your picture.

Find Joy In The Journey

Jump On Board!



This Term's Core Value: JOY

This Term's Core Value: JOY 1
This Term's Core Value: JOY 2