Year 6

Home Learning for Week Beggining 20th April


This work will be uploaded on 17th April





Reading home learning

We always encourage all children to read at home and we know many of you have many lovely books to read. In order for your child to continue being able to read book banded reading books selected at their level of reading ability, your child now has an account with Bug Club where they have been allocated reading books based on their book band. They have 2 books to read in ‘My Stuff’ and then after completing all of the activities based on the books, they will receive 2 more books. Books read and completed will then go into ‘My Library’ to read. Please use our pupil guide below to help you navigate Bug Club.


We would expect your child to complete 2 books each week and there is a limited number of books within each book band to complete.

We recommend that the first reading will focus on decoding, the second reading will focus on comprehension and completing the activities and the third reading will focus on prosody (intonation, pitch and expression).





Mrs Wordsmith home learning

Each week, we will set a Mrs Wordsmith task on a Friday. The task will revisit the Mrs Wordsmith words we have learned this year with sentences to complete and star challenges.

Spellings home learning

We will be revising the spellings we have covered so far this year (which you can find in the documents below) and each week we will set a task on Friday to revise the different spelling rules. 

History home learning

Use the booklet to learn all about ‘Medieval Monarchs’. Although it says this is for Year 5, this is a unit of work that you haven’t done. Use this time to learn all about the fascinating time of great change! This is the history unit in full so we suggest you complete one question per week.

Can you research and find the answers to these questions:

  1. In 1066, who was the rightful heir to the throne?
  2. What happened at the Battle of Hastings?
  3. Who was responsible for the death of Thomas Becket?
  4. Who was the worse king: Richard or John?
  5. Why did Henry VIII start the Reformation?
  6. Was Elizabeth I weak and feeble?


Star challenge: How is Medieval Monarchs different or similar to the other periods of history that you have studied? (Victorians, Romans, Vikings etc)

Geography home learning


Use the REACH booklet to learn all about Slums. Although it says this is for Year 5, this is a unit of work that you haven’t done. Use this time to learn all about these natural creations.

Can you research and find the answers to these questions?

1.         What is a slum?

2.         Why do slums develop?

3.         What is life like in the slums?

4.         What challenges do people face living in the slums?

5.         How can life in the slums be improved?

6.         How can crime be tackled in the slums?


This is the geography unit in full so we suggest you complete one question per week.

Star challenge: Present your information as a poster, fact file, booklet or another way - be creative!

Maths home learning

We know that working on knowledge learned some time ago improves long-term memory. For each week of closure, year groups will upload 5 independent tasks taken from different units across this academic year. We will also add the 'star challenges' relating to the tasks. These are intended to take children deeper into the learning objective. There is not an expectation that all children complete the star challenges but they may surprise themselves with what they can do!


Finally, we will also add an additional (brand new) challenge each week from the fantastic Nrich maths site. If you want even more maths, there are ‘open’ problems to solve each week where you can submit your own solutions online:

Times Tables Rockstars

Letters came home on Thurs 19th reminding children of their login details. Alternatively, we sent individual logins via Parentmail to children who were absent. TTRS can be accessed on any computer/laptop and via the free app on tablets and phones.

We would like all children in Years 3-6 to play on Garage for 3 minutes per day.

Other fantastic options are:

  • Festival (they play against ‘the world’)
  • Arena (playing against others in their class so this will only work if they organise to be online at the same time between themselves)
  • RockSlam (they directly challenge someone else within their year group – only using Rock Names)

Thank you to everyone who took part in the first battle and congratulations to the winning teams. For week 2, we've set up Year 4 vs Year 6. It starts at 8:30am on Monday 30th and finishes at 3:00pm on Friday 3rd. Let's see who triumphs this time! 

Previous Home Learning




Happy Easter from all of us! Enjoy our videos to you when you click on the link below.


School Closures – Learning at Home

We have carefully selected learning at home for your child during this uncertain time. We greatly appreciate your continued support as we work together to provide learning at home.

Writing home learning

To support your child with writing, we would like them to research a topic they are passionate about and produce a non-chronological report.

Perhaps you would like to write about an animal, a sports team, space, a famous person, an environmental issue, inventions/inventors, an important historical figure, a historical era, a country, a monarch? We recommend you use SWIGGLE search engine if you use the internet to research for safeguarding like we use at school and be SMART when using the internet.


You can present your work in a variety of ways including PowerPoint, a leaflet, a booklet, a poster, a website page, an app or any other creative way you can think of.


Below are some examples to help you based on the work we have done this year.

Excellence in our service with others home learning

Our value this term is respect. 

Please make a card, draw a picture or write a postcard for a member of your family or a friend and either post it or send it via technology to cheer them up and show hot much you respect them.


This is a fantastic site. Please follow the links below to find questions and resources available for all aspects of the national curriculum for both maths and English. Children are able to do up to 10 free questions a day per device, with explanations and tips to guide children through their mistakes.



Welcome Oak, Maple and Willow Class

Welcome Oak, Maple and Willow Class 1
Welcome Oak, Maple and Willow Class 2
Welcome Oak, Maple and Willow Class 3

This Term's Core Value: Respect

This Term's Core Value: Respect 1

Our big theme for the term is:

Why should we care about our natural world? 


This term we will be studying The Highwayman and learning about 'population' including the impact of human settlements and sustainability for our planet.






Year 6 Book Club


This year, we will be continuing with our fantastic, and hugely popular, book club. All children have got a reading challenge with a list of book titles inside their homework diaries. Children must read for a minimum of four times a week to receive a merit. 


For those really enthusiastic readers, see the document below for a list of other suggested books. Happy reading.

Mill On The Brue Residential

Year 6 Reading List


The following links provide helpful glossaries for maths and English homework - if you're still unsure, please come and ask us. Thank you.


When on the website, if you click on the highlighted links, the literacy glossary will also give you examples for each term, e.g. examples of determiners and how to use them in sentences. 


If you click on the highlighted links, the numeracy glossary will also give you examples of how to set out formal written calculations such as long division.


The website also has information about Y6 SATs including revision materials which you might find useful.

Watch this space for more pics of our amazing Excellence in Engineering Project!
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